Kennen Palm / Founder, Fractional CTO

Outsource development and cultural transformation leader for 20 years. Responsible for hundreds of projects and led cultural transformation programs for entities as small as a startup with 3 team members up to an industry of 24,000 employees in Africa.

A passionate leader, Kenn is adept at building teams and leading teams to tackle any challenge. Leadership skills are leveraged across all stakeholder groups in large ventures, including clients, end-users, trade associations, government bodies, team members, supervisors, etc. Kenn is adept at negotiation, problem resolution, planning, budgeting and management of large organizations.

Kenn has experience leading software development initiatives in most major technologies, with a particular expertise in web and mobile development within Java, .NET and PHP frameworks.

Kenn is an expert in distressed project rescue and resolution. Kenn has successfully inherited and revived dozens of projects which were over budget and over schedule. Kenn is an expert in planning to cost or to time with thorough risk management.

Kenn is able to lead teams of any size and produce brilliant technology solutions to solve business problems in any vertical.


Please schedule a meeting with me, if you are qualified and interested in helping SMEs through this time. If you are responsible for operations of an SME and require help in operations or technology, please contact me and I can connection to the right person or team.