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Frank Arkhurst Odoom

Frank Arkhurst Odoom / Founding Member, Fractional CTO, Senior Software Consultant

Coming from a Finance background , I have always had passion for software development and simplifying business processes and workflow with software. The ability to combine business and technology gives me an advantage of understanding the dynamics of diverse business domains, as a result, not providing just a solution, but a cost effective solution that will bring about efficiency and increase in profits.

I focus on developing Desktop, Web and Mobile Technology powered by the Microsoft Cloud. Be it a simple or complex solution, the focus is to solve a problem, get work done and maximize revenue. I choose to deploy and build on the .Net platform because of the quality, security, and tools Microsoft provides to ensure that customer data is kept private and under a secured cloud(Azure).

I am also an open source contributor with several open source projects on Github, i believe in sharing knowledge and contributing to the developer ecosystem through platforms like Github and Stack Overflow.

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