Meet The Team

Kennen Palm / Founder, Fractional CTO

A passionate leader, Kenn is adept at building teams and leading teams to tackle any challenge. Leadership skills are leveraged across all stakeholder groups in large ventures, including clients, end-users, trade associations, government bodies, team members, supervisors, etc. Kenn is adept at negotiation, problem resolution, planning, budgeting and management of large organizations.

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Serge Koval / Founder, Fractional CTO

He has managed over a 1,000,000 hours of development. Easily over a million. For most of Serge Koval's professional life, he has resolve a myriad of issues on projects and vendor relationships in software development related companies. Serge has worked for clients everywhere from the newest of startups with a hacker sitting in his mom’s basement all the way up to Federal Governments and Fortune 500s.

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Wayne Norris / Founder, Fractional CTO

Wayne Norris and his partners have sent $45 million to software developers in Eastern Europe since 1992 in return for delivering more than 100 successful projects. If you're a talented development shop, contact me to find out if we can help you today's challenging markets. Wayne has acted as an expert witness in more than 90 cases in Federal and State courts, including forensic animations, technology valuations, patents, and software copyrights.

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Emmanuel Amoako / Founding Member, Fractional CTO, Senior Software Consultant

Emmanuel has over 10 years working experience as a full-stack software engineer, technology consultant and entrepreneur. He is industry trained, highly motivated and passionate about building quality software applications & services. He has lead a myriad of projects to phenomenal success and his a keen eye for detail and penchant creative problem-solving that makes him a great asset for your business solution needs.

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Frank Arkhurst Odoom / Founding Member, Fractional CTO, Senior Software Consultant

Frank has always had passion for software development and simplifying business processes and workflow with software. The ability to combine business and technology him an advantage of understanding the dynamics of diverse business domains, as a result, not providing just a solution, but a cost effective solution that will bring about efficiency and increase in profits.

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Mike Huthwaite / Fractional CIO/CTO

As an award winning CIO and operations leader, Mike thrives on taking on the most complicated challenges with demanding objectives and succeeding where others could not. Mike leads from the front, bringing an unparalleled work ethic to attain goals. By developing and leading high performing teams and asking the right questions, he creates positive outcomes.

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Peter Benson / Fractional CTO

Visionary thinker, transformational-, customer-focused and solution-oriented global business-, technology leader and innovation catalyst, with 20+ years of experience in startup to highly regulated Fortune 100 environments. Powerful negotiation competencies, cross-cultural work experience and multilingual language skills,

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Craig Utley / Fractional CTO

Highly accomplished executive Information Technology leader with 25 years of progressive experience with a proven track record of leading large teams and multimillion-dollar budgets while delivering high-value solutions that are delivered on time and on budget. Serve as the key executive for information services with responsibility for leading the short- and long-term strategic direction of the IT department.

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Matthew Erickson / Fractional CTO

Twenty-two years of experience as a results-oriented, “hands-on” Information Technology leader, embodying a passion for customer service, the leveraging of technology solutions and business data to deliver value, and business expansion.

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